Objective :

FRESH EARTH ORGANICS – Organic Food Products.
We at Fresh Earth Organics have the main objective of revolutionizing the way of cultivation of Food and resources through natural and organic means ,which means without the use of any chemicals, Fertilizers and Pesticides to Cultivate Food and the use of Preservatives or any unnatural method of storing products.


Fresh earth organics is a store started in the year 2007 ,located in Bangalore Indira nagar . Fresh earth organics was one of the very first Organic stores that opened in the state with its own unique set of Products and Provisions that will benefit you and your family. Our Products contain 100% Organic Vegetables, Rice , Wheat , Millets , Pulses, Spices and also Provisions such as oils and Organic Tea and Coffee And also offer a Range of Natural and Organic Cosmetics as well as household appliances such as Floor and Bathroom Cleaners etc. We also diversify our selves by Providing free range eggs and dairy Products.
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We at Fresh earth organics have a strong alliance with organic farmers and distributer in and around Bangalore , we Outsource our Products from companies that have been in the field for over a decade such as 24Mantra , Prakrutivanam , Ancient Living , Organic Living etc (add the External Link) , to linking with farmers who have been producing A grade Organic vegetables and fruits who also have their farms closely monitored and also certified 100% Organic. We outsource the vegetables and products directly from the farmers or the company to eliminate the use of the middle men to Protect the livelihood of the farmers.